Today’s technology offers new and innovative solutions for farmers to help them improve just about every aspect of their cropping systems – including weed control. From the latest spray nozzles and improved chemistries and modes of action, to mechanical weed control systems like Redekop’s Seed Control Unit (SCU), farmers have more weed control options than ever.

So, what’s the real secret to Harvest Weed Seed Control equipment?

Performance, design and quality.


Redekop’s SCU is the only impact mill on the market that can destroy up to 98% of the harvestable weed seeds in a single pass (through the process of devitalization). The mill has also been refined to increase the devitalization of weed seeds while reducing machinery power requirements when compared to competitive systems that require higher operational power outputs or result in having to use lower kill rate mills to manage tougher residue.

A significant operational advantage, the Redekop SCU mills are reversible. This saves on operational costs and reduces running and service part replacement costs.

The innovative design of the SCU combines residue streams to enhance crop residue mixing and even distribution. The SCU also provides effective residue management that’s critical for quick residue decomposition after harvest and even seedling emergence next planting season. Increased residue spread across the full cutting width of the combine is achieved by utilizing the SCU airflow for suction of the chaff and weed seeds into the system and devitalization of the seeds.


Fully compatible with most OEMs, the Redekop SCU enables farmers to leverage their existing equipment. Redekop’s SCU is completely integrated into a combine for ease of use, maintenance and transportation. The proven and patented SCU combines the unit and drive to share operational benefits of the OEM. Competitive systems are separate from the manufacturer’s residue management system, requiring operators to crawl over the top of their machinery, or completely remove it for servicing or adjustment of the harvester.

Created with the operator’s ease of use in mind, the Redekop SCU can be quickly engaged and changed from operating in a traditional straw chopper manner. The SCU is designed to be quickly shut off if the operator enters a field where they do not want to operate the mill. The integrated monitoring also makes the system easy to use by eliminating the need for additional screens and control systems in the cab.


When it comes to quality and durability, Redekop is a proven industry leader. Created and manufactured with parts that are designed for long life and extended service, the SCU is built for long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance costs. The SCU’s fully integrated design also means farmers can leverage your own equipment, saving time and money while enhancing combines to become the most effective weed seed control tool. The integrated controls and simple switch also allow farmers to adapt their combines to varying field conditions, reducing downtime and enhancing operation efficiency.

The SCU’s lower power requirements make the system one of the most cost-effective weed control solutions to help farmers succeed with weed and residue management.

Redekop also offers high-quality blade upgrade kits that are built to work with most major combine brands and models sold in North America. These high-performing parts are built to the highest quality standards to ensure maximum operational time and minimize maintenance costs, saving farmers precious time during harvest. Each blade kit comes with the right combination of high-quality carbide-coated blades, bushings, washers, nuts and bolts to complete combine conversion. Redekop blades not only cost less than OEM blades, and are designed with self-sharpening carbide technology, but they also last longer and require less operational energy, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

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