Available for your combine

Integrated Design

  • Fully integrated design
  • Leverage your existing equipment
  • Integrated monitoring

Simple to Engage

  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple belt drive system

Save Your Fields

  • Kill your weeds and manage resistance
  • Put nutrients back into the field
  • Reduce the need for tilling and chemicals

Integrated Design

  • Combines the SCU chaff stream with the MAV straw stream
  • SCU air velocity improves residue spread and distribution
  • Reducing dust and debris

Easy Access

  • Improved agronomics
  • Moves on John Deere S series straw chopper slide rails
  • Enables easy access to the combine’s chaffer and rear internals

Proprietary Mill Design

  • Reversible mills for extended life
  • Efficient power utilization
  • Long life, high wear materials
  • >98% kill rates (based on third party independent testing)

Simple Mechanical Drive

  • Simple and robust belt drive system
  • Factory drive system not compromised
  • Easy to engage and disengage; equipped with a splined-drive sheave; no need to remove belts or add parts to disengage
  • Easily switches modes from Straw Chopper to Straw Chopper/Seed Control

Integrated Monitoring

  • Standard factory ISOBUS display option or standalone screen
  • Alarms for all critical SCU functions
  • Tailboard controls to manage residue spread

EMAR Chaff Deck

Controls the delivery of chaff/weed seeds into compacted traffic lanes to significantly reduce weed germination. Chaff is divided onto enclosed conveyor belts which place it in a narrow band on wheel tracks so you can decide your best option to leave to rot or target them with your spray program.

  • Lowers spraying costs by isolating control of weeds to wheel tracks.
  • Low running costs, low maintenance and has minimal impact on power consumption.
  • Quick removal from combine for cleaning or maintenance
  • Available in North America through Redekop Manufacturing

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